U-tailor is Your Tailor.

Your Tailor is an international concept operated by local contact persons. A modern service brings tailor made clothes within your range easily and affordably. Buying clothes with style and individuality has never been this easy.Join our mailing list and be informed of the local events by e-mail.

Your Tailor's owner, tailor Victor, has been in the tailoring business for over 20 years all over Europe. Now his craftsmanship and u-tailor's excellent premium quality materials with the incredible variety are at your service!

We operate only with internet to avoid any extra expenses. This enables us to have very attractive pricing not compromising on the quality. Having local contact persons also provides better service and makes it easier to communicate in your local language.

We use hotels and showrooms, which are our local partners. This way we get special rates to cut on our expenses. Our aim is to favor showrooms, which are easy to access and where parking is always available, rather than to be at the very center of the city.

Last, but not least is the continuity. We feel that a long lasting trustworthy relationship with customers is the only way to success. We decide the next event dates well in advance so that customers can plan their needs accordingly. This is why we rely on local contacts who have committed them selves in helping to organizing the events in local areas with local regional know-how. We try to listen to the customers and act accordingly. We commit our selves to a constant improvement policy.

Sincerely Yours,

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Virendra Kumar Malhotra, Victor

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