Your Tailor at your service

Your Tailor can supply you the latest in design and fabrics. Since the world is moving at an incredible speed, we cannot give you the latest images of the designer creations. The major brands of the big international design houses are also protected by copyrights and thus we cannot publish such images.

We shall try our best though to give you an idea of what kind of products are available. Please pay attention to the fact that these images are only there to give you an idea of styles and cuttings. In some cases totally identical fabrics may not be available - but again, there are hundreds and hundreds of alternative fabrics to choose from.

If you do not find anything to your taste and / or if you have an image or an idea of your own, please bring it along and Your Tailor will create a garment from your own ideas. Maybe you can get an idea from the images supplied and work it to your own creation?

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